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BIO Launches New Video Explaining How The Cost of Your Medicine is Really Determined


Today, much of the public debate surrounding the cost of biopharmaceuticals is focused on the list price of an individual drug or treatment regimen. However, the list price is not what a manufacturer generally makes on the drug, and it typically has little to do with what a patient has to pay for his or her medicine. To help put this debate into context, the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) is releasing a new educational video Read More >

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Talking About Mental Illness: A Conversation That Can Save a Life


People living with mental illness and clinical depression often suffer in silence without receiving the care they need. They may feel alone, ashamed, or hopeless, and they may fear that giving voice to these feelings means they will be misunderstood, unfairly judged, or perceived as a burden. Only 25 percent of those with a mental illness feel others are sympathetic to their condition, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Society’s negative stereotypes about mental Read More >

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GMOs Will Only Grow In Impact

GMO soybeans

Our world is facing challenges that can only be met by increasing the pace of innovation. That means we need to farm smarter – using all available technologies in ways that will enable us to value crop productivity and biodiversity equally. Dr. Robert Fraley has written a new column at the GMO Answers site, “GMOs Will Only Grow in Impact.”  He wonders why GMOs and other advanced biotech tools are expected to have an Read More >

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Happy 384th Birthday to the Father of Microbiology


Today’s Google doodle celebrates the accomplishments of Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, the Father of Microbiology. In addition to being a remarkable DIYer, Leeuwenhoek is known to be the first to observe microorganisms, which he adorably referred to as “tiny animals,” through a microscope. From Leeuwenhoek’s discover, you can draw a direct line to the manipulation of microorganisms at the genetic and molecular level that we now refer to as biotechnology. A tip of the hat to Read More >

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Insurers and Hospital Industry Caught Spreading More “False Alarms”


Yet again, Big Insurance and its allies have been caught making claims that are just not true. It began with an op-ed from America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) President Marilyn Tavenner and American Hospital Association President (AHA) Rick Pollack in The Hill trying to blame others for ever-increasing  insurance premiums. Next, they tried to suggest drug costs are to blame for skyrocketing hospital costs. The study was funded by both the American Hospital Association and Read More >

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