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Trying to Define the Indirect Land Use Issue

Michigan State University Professor of Chemical Engineering Bruce Dale recently sent a letter to colleagues interpreting the analyses by Searchinger et al. and Fargione et al. in Science. In the letter, Dale says, “The Searchinger and Fargione argument at its root is this: corn (and perhaps cellulosic) ethanol is not sustainable because it will divert land use for animal feed (over 70% of corn is fed to animals) to new lands that will release large Read More >

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Meet the Press (Or at least their editorial boards)

Recently two editorials were written by the NY Times and Washington Post concerning biofuels in which the recent Science papers were referred to. According to the NY Times, “The studies’ authors say that some ethanol sources wood wastes, or grasses planted on previously degraded land — could yield net benefits in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. Still, they are one more reminder that regulators will have to design the tightest possible standards for ethanol production. Read More >

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One more reason to join us in San Diego

The fabulous weather! After one long winter in Washington, DC, I visited San Diego last week in preparation for this year’s BIO International Convention and I don’t know if I’ve ever seen bluer skies (and I used to live in New Mexico, so that’s really saying something!). Beaches and surfing for days, golf courses as far as the eye can see and then some, lots of opportunities for day trips – this place truly has Read More >

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