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Podcasts to Check Out

Five weeks before the biggest event in biotech – how are you getting ready? Why not check out some podcasts on the multitude of topics and issues that will be all the buzz at this year’s big show. Start with BIO’s very own and brand new BIOtech-Now series, which will highlight a different topic each week. BioPharm International is podcasting several interviews with industry leaders leading up to and during the event. GEN also recently Read More >

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Roll Call Reveals Who's Beating Up on Ethanol

Anna Smith of Roll Call today filed a story on how the Grocery Manufacturers Association is “leading an ‘aggressive’ public relations campaign for the past two months in an effort to roll back ethanol mandates that passed in last year’s energy bill.” GMA hired Glover Park Group to run the campaign, Smith writes, based on GMA’s request for proposal and Glover Park’s response. In its RFP, the GMA outlined a four-part approach: building ‘a global center-left Read More >

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International Energy Agency Statement on Biofuels

There has been much in the media lately on biofuels, climate change and the food crisis. The International Energy Agency, energy policy advisor to 27 member countries (one of which is the United States) formed during the oil crisis of 1973-74 recently released a statement on biofuels, “The recent shortage in grain stocks and surge in food prices have triggered questions about the sustainable production of biofuels. In reality, there are a number of important Read More >

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Why the RFS Is Vital

The House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Energy and Air Quality earlier this week held a hearing on implementation of the new Renewable Fuel Standard. Rep. Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin (D-S.D.), Environmental Protection Agency Deputy Assistant Administrator Robert Meyers, Bob Dinneen with the Renewable Fuels Association, Nathanael Greene with the Natural Resources Defense Council, Randy Kremer of KL Process Design Group, and Dr. Mark Stowers with POET were among those who testified. Stowers noted, A strong corn Read More >

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Can Stopping Ethanol Solve the Current Food Crisis?

President Bush spoke out last week on the global food crisis, suggesting that reducing trade barriers would help increase food supplies. We’re also urging countries that have instituted restrictions on agricultural exports to lift those restrictions. Some countries are preventing needed food from getting to market in the first place, and we call upon them to end those restrictions to help ease suffering for those who aren’t getting food. “We’re also urging countries to remove Read More >

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