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CONVENTION UPDATE: Agricultural Biotechnology – Providing Economic and Environmental Benefits

By Michael J. Phillips Further evidence was provided at BIO 2009 on the many benefits of agricultural biotechnology.  Graham Brookes, Director of PG Economics (UK) released key findings from its Global Impact Study that showed that farmers around the world are growing more biotech crops with significant global economic and environmental benefits. Key highlights of the report include:     Biotech crops contribute significantly to reducing the release of greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural practices – mainly from Read More >

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CONVENTION UPDATE: Agricultural Biotechnology – Improving Farmers’ Lives

By Michael J. Phillips At the BIO Internationa Convention, this session featured three farmers from different regions of the world that have had substantial experience with agricultural biotechnology, and they provided testimony as to how the technology has improved their lives. Rosalie Ellasus from the Philippines began farming in 1995 when her husband died leaving her with three small children to raise and educate. The office worker took a gamble and bet all her savings Read More >

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Podcast: Jim Greenwood Gives State of the Industry Address at BIO 2009 in Atlanta

My fellow biotech industry workers… Jim Greenwood told the 12,000 to 15,000 attendees of the BIO International Convention in Atlanta that, though the past year has been challenging from an economic and policy perspective, he remains optimistic about the future. Download and view the podcast

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For U.S. Healthcare Reform and Global Health Crises, Both Public and Private Efforts Needed

How can we address health needs in both the United States and developing countries at the same time? By bringing everyone to the table for open, fair, collaborative partnerships. It saves money, time, effort and – most important of all – lives.

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The Value Proposition for Next-Generation Energy Crops:  Value Chain and Business Model Considerations By Val Giddings Food & Ag sessions got off to an interesting start on Tuesday as three companies told their very different tales of sailing turbulent economic waters over the past two  years in search of profitable harbors.  With oil at $140/barrel, it looked like a game almost anybody could play.  With oil at $50/barrel things are a lot more competitive.  Mike Read More >

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