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BIO Marks Passing of Stanford Professor Emeritus John Barton: ‘Far Ahead of his Time’

On August 3, 2009, John H. Barton, George E. Osborne Professor of Law, Emeritus at Stanford Law School, passed away. BIO marks his early passing by remembering his focused personal commitment and intellectual drive to understand, teach, and shape legal science and technology policy. Barton spoke to the IP Counsels Committee at a previous IP Counsels Committee Conference, in 2008. A few of his accomplishments and goals (Stanford):   John Barton devoted his academic career to Read More >

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Why ILUC Theory Bears No Resemblance to Reality

Iowa State’s Bruce Babcock has written a defense of the current economic equilibrium models used by the EPA and California Air Resources Board, in light of the fact that the models’ assumptions about soybean production and acreage have turned out wrong. Babcock frames the debate over international land use change as “whether the models used by CARB and EPA are accurate enough to support regulations.” There is, however, a larger question over whether the models are Read More >

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Innovation Alliance: Patent Holders Weigh In On Patent Reform

Check out this new video on patent reform from the Innovation Alliance.

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