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Weekly Biofuels and Climate Change Blog Round Up

This week in the blogosphere in Industrial & Environmental Technology we start off with NASCAR. Yes that’s right NASCAR . Domestic quotes an article in USA Today about NASCAR, “The concept might seem incongruous in a sport inherently tied to an internal combustion engine that many find synonymous with global warming, but NASCAR, despite cars with an eye-popping 5 mpg, is trying to embrace its eco-conscious side as the federal government has begun prodding Read More >

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Environmentalist Calls Biotech “the world’s dominant engineering tool”

Marketplace did an interview on October 26th with Stuart Brand, original founder of the Whole Earth Catalogue, which offered readers a vision of returning to the land in order to live sustainably. Brand has recently published a new book, The Whole Earth Discipline, which tackles climate change using a somewhat different tone, and gives eloquent praise to biotech agriculture. According to Brand, a lifelong environmentalist who sees everything in terms of solvable design problems, three Read More >

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Perspectives on today’s IPO candidates

Some speculation is coming back into the sector but most movement in public markets is specialist driven, not generalist driven. What will it take to get the generalist investors in? Unfortunately, most IPO stocks since 2005 have underperformed and have left a bad taste in the mouths of generalists. This has left generalists believing they cannot just come into the sector and purchase a basket of young biotechs. Example of a successful IPO: Targacept filed Read More >

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Panelists make it personal

Panelists in the “Making it Personal” session discussed the clinical utility, comparative effectiveness implications and reimbursement for personalized medicine. Tod Klinger, PhD of XDx, Inc. asserted that we are still in the early stages of personalized medicine since there is a need to determine how to link measurements with relevant clinical information for the patient to enable decision making. Furthermore, there are many other questions that still need to be considered. Ellen Sheets, MD, of Read More >

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The race against pandemic flu

Panelists at this morning’s Therapeutic Workshop, “Predicting a Frontrunner in the Race Against Pandemic Flu” had many valuable insights into this year’s flu pandemic, how it has compared to past pandemics, and how it will shape vaccine manufacturing in the years to come. According to Dr. Tomás Aragón, Executive Director at the Center for Infectious Disease & Emergency Readiness, “Virulence [of H1N1] is no worse than the regular flu, but a larger risk pool, consisting Read More >

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