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Preserving the Endangered Through Biotechnology

What do pandas, bantengs, and panthers have in common?  These animal populations have all been assisted by biotechnology.  Whether endangered, or unhealthy due to a lack of biodiversity, advances in biotechnology – including animal cloning and assisted reproductive technologies, have helped these animals, and many others, to increase their populations, become healthier, and enjoy a more genetically diverse environment.  Click here to visit our Biotech Now website where you can watch our latest BIOBytes video Read More >

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This Week in Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology

Can you make fuel out of tobacco? Apparently you can if they’re genetically engineered tobacco plants. According to Alternative Energy, “Researchers from the Biotechnology Foundation Laboratories at Thomas Jefferson University have developed a new method to increase the quantity of oil in tobacco leaves. So that oil in tobacco leaves can be utilized as biofuels in future. Their paper was published in Plant Biotechnology Journal which is an online journal.” Alternative Energy goes on to Read More >

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Touring CA Biotech Companies with Governor Howard Dean, MD

Last summer, BIO joined with former Vermont Governor Howard Dean to advocate for biosimilar legislation that protects patient safety and promotes necessary incentives for continued innovation of biologics. The Governor, a trained physician, is a passionate supporter of the value of biotech products in treating disease and reducing healthcare costs. To further familiarize him with the diversity of our member companies, I accompanied Governor Dean for a two-day tour of California biotech companies earlier this Read More >

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Sector Performance Since the 2007 Market Peak

How does the biotech sector performance rank against the 10 S&P sectors since the S&P500 peak back on October 9th, 2007? As of January 6th, 2010, the Nasdaq Biotech Index (NBI) outperformed all 10 sectors, including the overall healthcare sector and the other traditionally defensive sectors: utilities and consumer staples. The AMEX Biotech Index (BTK) had some unique events in 2009 that helped it not only outperform every sector, but remain in double digit positive Read More >

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ISO: Biotech Humanitarian

We are looking for biotech humanitarians for our annual Biotech Humanitarian Award. The award recognizes an everyday hero who has helped to heal, fuel or feed the planet through their work in biotechnology. Know someone that you feel should be recognized for their good works? Nominate someone at through January 31, 2010. 2009 Biotech Humanitarian Dr. Jay Keasling, was nominated by a colleague at the University of California at Berkley. Just think, you or Read More >

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