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Global Dialogue on Meeting Food Needs for the Next Generation

When we look at the challenges affecting our world today, many come to mind – energy demand, food security and climate change, just to name a few. Biotechnology provides tools to meet all of these challenges. The sustainable farming practices afforded to today’s modern farmers allow us to produce more food, fuel and fiber on less land with less environmental impact. These technologies – and the policies and infrastructures needed to realize their benefit – Read More >

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What exactly are the “risks” anyway?

Wired Magazine columnist Matt Ridley writes a piece for its February magazine that makes a strong case for the global adoption of biotechnology and criticizes the European Union for its “protectionist” policies regarding biotech products.  As with all protectionism, it is the consumer who suffers most. British groceries rose in price over the past few years while American groceries fell in price. A big reason is that British food producers are not allowed to use Read More >

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Students Assess Future of Genetically Engineered (GE) Food

In a new paper, Student Response to Transgenic Meat: An Analysis of a Fort Valley State University Survey, to be presented at the Southern Agricultural Economics Association annual meeting on February 6-9, 2010 researchers surveyed college students’ acceptance of meat derived from livestock or fish that had been genetically engineered and found that more than half the respondents said they would purchase meat from GE animals if the price was the same as meat from Read More >

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This Week in Industrial & Environmental Biotechnology

This week in Industrial & Environmental Biotechnology there’s a new weekly round-up blog called This Week in Synthetic Biology . The writer, Abhishek Tiwari writes in his first post, “This was an amazing week for synthetic biology community, part of the reason is the synthetic biology has completed 10 years since the very first synthetically engineered biological oscillator and toggle switch were introduced in journal Nature (sic) in year 2000. So on this eve I Read More >

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BTK – A Decade of Change

Do you ever wonder what is really behind the often quoted BTK index (“NYSE Arca Biotechnology Index”)? Especially if it is the index you compare your own company’s stock with on a long term chart? If you compare your favorite biotech with the BTK over a 10 year period, here is what you are up against: CHANGE. When the last decade started, in the peak of the genomics bubble, the BTK was made up of Read More >

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