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FOPO – A Late Stage Financing Tool

The follow-on public offering (FOPO) market has been strong for biotech since early last year, but has it been open to companies at all stages of drug R&D? It turns out that FOPOs have been utilized primarily by late-stage biotechs.  I recently took a look at FOPOs listed in the Windhover Strategic Transactions database that took place from January 2009 to March 2010. Of the 46 drug development companies that raised over $25M in a Read More >

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FluGen: Tech Transfer in the Madison, Wisconsin Region

FluGen is a strong case study in not only top leading research happening at the UW Madison, but also of how the infrastructure of the region helps this R&D spinout into productive, leading global businesses that help heal, feed and fuel the world.

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National Academy of Sciences Says Genetic Engineering Could Save Florida’s Oranges

Genetic engineering holds great potential for resisting the threat of diseases that have recently devastated Florida’s citrus industry, according to a report released this week by the National Academy of Sciences. Since its discovery in 2005, citrus greening disease has spread to nearly every orange-growing county in Florida, carried by an invasive relative of the aphid, the Asian citrus psyllid. The bacterial disease has already cut the state’s orange juice production by several percentage points, Read More >

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Step 3 – Searching for Your Next Partner

Are you seeking companionship?  Looking to find the yin for your yang? Would you like to match yourself with others based on 29 dimensions of proven compatibility?  Look no further. Being able to find those with whom you would like to meet in Chicago this year is one the most important elements to enhancing your business forum experience. One of the significant upgrades that we have made to the 1×1 system in 2010, has been Read More >

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Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery: Changing ‘Humankind’

The Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery facility is possibly the most-watched building project in the Madison Region today, and is designed with a vision “to change the state of humankind.”

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