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AUTM Bayh-Dole 30th Anniversary Event

Association of University Technology Managers Press Release Deerfield, IL — December 12, 2010 will mark the 30th anniversary of the Bayh-Dole Act. This legislation changed fundamentally the way America develops technologies from federally funded university research and effectively secured the country’s leadership position in innovation. As a result of Bayh-Dole, more than 6,000 new U.S. companies formed from university technologies, approximately 5,000 new products are on the market, 153 new drugs, vaccines or in vitro Read More >

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Working With A New Congress

Having experienced many election nights as a state legislator and Member of Congress, I still can’t help feeling that nervous excitement that all candidates get as they await the returns. This year was no exception. Though very happy not to have my name on the ballot, I was keenly interested, as I’m sure you were, in the unfolding drama and in what the results would mean for our country and for the future of the Read More >

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Update – Analysis of Therapeutic Discovery Project Awards

Here are the results from our recent analysis of the Therapeutic Discovery Project. (For additional background and links on the TDP, please see our previous post from Nov 3rd, 2010.) The 4,606 projects that were awarded a TDP grant or credit went to 2,923 companies in 47 states. That averages to 1.6 projects per company. A more detailed analysis reveals that the majority (72%) of the companies received one project credit or grant, and 28% Read More >

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Clinical Trial Success Rates – Recent Study from Tufts

Joseph DiMasi and his team at Tufts University published a paper earlier this year in Nature’s Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics journal that contains some interesting data on clinical trial success rates. The published data are relevant to biotech investors and business development professionals in that published industry data for clinical outcomes can make a significant difference on the overall valuation of a company. These probabilities can also have a meaningful impact on the ability to Read More >

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IPO Update – November 11th, 2010

Today’s IPO from Complete Genomics (GNOM) brings the US biotech IPO list to 17 since the latest window opened up back in August 2009. The Complete Genomics IPO makes it two in a row for DNA sequencing companies hitting the Nasdaq, with Pacific Biosciences (PACB) debuting just 10 trading days ago. Once again, however, we see the IPO price come in below the expected price: Complete Genomics priced its initial public offering of stock at Read More >

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