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AUTM’s 2010 Better World Report Highlights

 AUTM released their Better World Report for 2010 highlighting academic innovations commercially developed through technology transfer that are improving the quality of life.  Here is a quote from their press release. A device that allows the blind to ―see‖ via electrical pulses applied to the tongue…a collagen scaffold to treat damaged joints…a new vaccine to prevent shingles…an artificial lung that provides patients with both mobility and comfort during treatment…a program that vastly improves literacy among Read More >

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Wall Street Journal: Ag Department Uproots Science

The Wall Street Journal ran an editorial on December 27 about the USDA’s continuing efforts to shape a coexistence policy: Vilsack seeks out politically congenial scientific opinion If the Obama Administration is trying to lose its antibusiness reputation, you wouldn’t know it from the latest shakedown at the Department of Agriculture. In a move that caused jaws to drop in the farm industry, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has invited activists and biotech critics to shape Read More >

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USDA’s Efforts on Coexistence Likely to End in Futility …or Worse

Ag journalist Harry Cline opined in Southwest Farm Press about Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack’s efforts to enhance coexistence among conventional, organic and biotech farmers:  Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack at least gets credit for trying to forge a coexistence alliance between those who advocate biotech agriculture and those who do not want any part of it. This lofty goal came out of the recently released USDA-APHIS Environmental Impact Statement to pave the way for resumption Read More >

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Transgenic Crops Contribute to Sustainable Development

The Plant Biotechnology Journal has an article in its January edition on the use of transgenic crops in meeting sustainable development goals. The concept of sustainable development forms the basis for a wide variety of international and national policymaking. World population continues to expand at about 80 M people per year, while the demand for natural resources continues to escalate. Important policies, treaties and goals underpin the notion of sustainable development. In this paper, the authors Read More >

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Pacific Rim Summit Focuses on Drop In Fuels for Military

BIO’s Pacific Rim Summit came to a close on Tuesday, but not before giving attendees a preview of what the industry expects to be two of the hottest trends for 2011, as recorded in a recent BIO/Biofuels Digest poll. Department of Defense interest in biofuels is expected to increase, due to the national security implications of reliance on oil. As Chris Tindal, director of Operational Energy for the U.S. Navy, explained to attendees of the Read More >

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