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Biotech Forests Could be an Environmental Blessing

The National Center for Policy Analysis has released a new report on the potential environmental benefits of genetically modified trees.  Genetically modified grains, fruits and vegetables have become ubiquitous on U.S. farms and in supermarkets.  Genetically modified trees could be a boon as well, say Wesley Dwyer, a policy intern, and H. Sterling Burnett, a senior fellow, with the National Center for Policy Analysis.  If commercialized on a large scale, genetically modified trees would provide Read More >

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How Profitable is the Biotech Drug Development Sector?

Q: How many public biotechnology companies focused on pursuing drug development are profitable? A: Less than 10% Of 225 public biotech companies in the drug development business, only 17 are profitable (7.5%) based on 2009 Net Income. The profitable companies tend to be those with three or more products: Only 1.3% have 1 product AND are profitable (3 of 225) Only 0.9% have 2 products AND make a profit (2 of 225) Only 5.3% have Read More >

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Big Changes for 1×1 Partnering – Investor Profiles

As BIO CEO approaches (February 14-15, 2011!), the BIO Partnering Team is proud to present several improvements to the 1×1 Partnering System. One of the most noticeable changes so far is the new investor profile, now bigger and better than ever. The new profile not only increases the information investors input into the system, but it also helps biotech companies gain more value from the conference overall. The Search function is one we’ve continuously updated Read More >

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Game-Changing Strategies for the Future of the Biotech Industry

The biotechnology industry works to translate life science into solutions for healing previously untreatable medical conditions, feeding the world’s growing population, and fueling mobility and economic growth using cleaner manufacturing processes. These high aspirations have always brought unique challenges to biotechnology companies, and in the wake of the recent worldwide recession those challenges have become particularly difficult. But the need for innovation in health care is clear and present. The number of unmet public health Read More >

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BIO's Pacific Rim Summit Kicks Off with Discussion of Synthetic Biology

BIO’s Brent Erickson, host of the Pacific Rim Summit on Industrial Biotechnology, welcomed attendees to the opening plenary session with some observations about trends developing for the coming year. “I have been involved in industrial biotechnology for over a decade now and the changes I have witnessed over the past five years are sweeping, extraordinary and encouraging,” Erickson said. The trends that he identified in his remarks include: Industrial biotech is spreading globally, and some Read More >

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