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Myriad Oral Argument Review and Analysis by Patent Docs

Great comprehensive review of oral arguments at the federal circuit in the Myriad case by Kevin Noonan of Patent Docs.

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Japan’s Crippled Nuclear Plant Shows Need for New Radiation Treatments

The Fukushima nuclear power plant - STR/AFP/Getty Images

As Japan works to stabilize the crippled nuclear power plant in , people are stocking up on potassium iodide tablets – one of the only drugs available to block the body’s absorption of some radioactive materials. The partial meltdown of the plant highlights the need for new drugs that can more effectively prevent or treat radiation poisoning. Two U.S. companies are on the fast track to develop more effective treatments, according to a recent piece Read More >

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World Health Day: The Global Impact of Vaccines

Child Vaccination

As we celebrate World Health Day today, it is an opportunity to remember that vaccines represent one of the most important global health investments. The investment of time, money and dedication has brought enormous benefits to the world. According to the World Health Organization, immunizations save an estimated 2.5 million lives every year from diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis (whooping cough), and measles. Biotechnology is helping us improve existing vaccines and create new vaccines against infectious agents. Read More >

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Is Partnering Going Live for BIO Business Forum?

There’s been a rumor buzzing through the halls of the BIO offices the past few days. It sounds like the One-on-One Partnering System will be launching early for the International Convention’s BIO Business Forum. Partly due to the fact that we have pretty exciting numbers for Partnering companies (already!), and partly because we’re just really looking forward to launching! So how early? It looks like it will be this coming Monday, April 11th. If you’ve Read More >

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IPO Update – April 5th, 2011

The six biotech IPOs of 2011 have followed 2010′s IPO trends; all took significant haircuts getting out the door and most are performing modestly.  The median downward adjustment in the amount raised for 2011′s biotech IPOs stands at -31%, the average is at -33%.  These companies have raised a median and mean amount of $49M and $54M, respectively. Despite the lukewarm IPO reception biotech stocks have faced in the U.S., two more U.S. companies have filed to go public since the close of 2010.  Specialty pharmaceutical Read More >

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