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BIO’s “What Every State Should Know About Bayh-Dole” Webinar

Vaccines Research - Novartis AG

The Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) recently hosted a webinar entitled: “What Every State Should Know About Bayh-Dole: Leveraging University Research to Create Jobs and Spur Economic Development Benefits.” The Bayh-Dole Act, enacted in 1980, placed patent ownership of federally funded research at universities in the hands of the university and enabled universities to out-license technologies for commercialization.  As a result of the Act, more than 7200 companies were created (including nearly 600 last year despite Read More >

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Beware the Liability Gaps in Biotechnology M&As

Mike Yeager, Senior Underwriting Specialist, Chubb Mergers and acquisitions continue to be a source of growth for the biotechnology industry. Even the financial crisis has not significantly slowed this trend. In fact, a weakened global economy may have further fueled consolidation as biotechnology companies sought additional efficiencies in R&D, procurement or administration. Since many biotechnology companies have complex corporate structures—some with hundreds of subsidiaries—executives at acquiring companies recognize that along with the benefits of the Read More >

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Bill Gates: Innovation is Key to Helping Poor Farmers

Bill Gates - Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation/Prashant Panjiar

“I’ve never been a farmer,” Bill Gates confessed at The Chicago Council’s Symposium on Global Agriculture and Food Security. “Until recently, I rarely set foot on a farm.” Yet, through the Gates Foundation, he is one of the world’s most powerful advocates for poor farmers and he is helping them gain access to technology that will help them grow their way to self-sufficiency. Right now, the average farmer in sub-Saharan Africa produces just over a Read More >

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Bonus: Monday Partnering!


Ifyou read our post about the partnering milestones for the BIO Business Forum this year, what we’re about to announce may not come as much surprise.  The BIO Business Forum is adding a new member to the family: Monday. Originally, the event was taking place from Tuesday, the 28th until Thursday, the 30th.  But due to the trend we’re seeing, it’s clear to us that you simply want more meetings.  Opening Monday as an additional Read More >

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Huffington Post: Data Exclusivity: Getting the Balance Right

Huffington Post: Data Exclusivity: Getting the Balance Right      A great article on the downsides of cutting or removing data exclusivity provisions for biologics.  The article points out that data protection is needed to enhance safety and create incentives to research and produce new innovative drugs that cost billions of dollars.  However, the author argues that the period must be limited somehow (not 50 years) to ensure generics can entire the market and lower costs.    Finally, the author states that lowering the data exclusivity Read More >

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