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George use to manage and support BIO's One-on-One Partnering™, an online partnering system.


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Step 2 – “Unofficial Guide” to the *New* Calendar

For many of you, this year’s Business Forum will not be your first partnering rodeo. However, for all of you, it will be your first opportunity to use the new “Calendar” section in BIO’s One-on-One Partnering System. Here’s the unofficial guide to optimizing your experience to ensure that you’re getting the meetings that you need. 1) Update your availability – whether you elect to use the new “Calendar” section of the older “update your availability” Read More >

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Step 1 – Setup and Publish your Profile

Hi all!  BIO Partnering is live for 2010 Business Forum, and the team is keeping busy entering folks into the system.  Since partnering is picking up, we’re releasing our first tutorial/webinar on the “Profiles” section in the partnering system.  This is a brief guide taking you through the first step in getting your partnering account in order. What you will learn: 1) The importance of keywords.  If you want to ensure that your company is Read More >

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Video Blogging is Now LIVE!

Hello all! We are trying something new with the BIO 1×1 blog today. This is our video/slide share post designed to help users more effectively use the BIO 1×1 Partnering System this year in Chicago. The team is planning on releasing 4-5 mini webinars (5-10 minutes in length) on each of the major areas of the partnering system. This includes: 1) Profiles – how and why to create a profile, as well as the importance Read More >

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A beginner’s guide to mastering your 1×1 schedule

What to do when you’re a small biotech pony-ing up the big bucks to land your Phase II product on the radar of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies? How to remain relevant and not get lost in the mix? A 2009 article by Nature Biotech entitled “Prepare to meet your partner” emphasizes the growing importance of partnering in today’s BD environment. Here are some crash course tips for you to maximize your partnering experience when Read More >

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Where do you do your partnering?

Netbooks may have bridged the gap between laptops and mobile phones, at least for the time being (iPad or Windows Phone 7 anyone?).  However, where do you do your partnering?  Chances are it’s from your mobile computer a couple of days before the conference. Where you do partner?  Plane? Hotel room? Office?  I don’t partner…but my admin does? Check out the results of BIO’s unofficial survey into the matter.  By unofficial, I mean I made Read More >

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