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Jim joined BIO as President & CEO in 2005 after representing the eighth district of Pennsylvania in the U.S. House of Representatives for six terms.  He had worked with BIO while in Congress on stem cell research and other health issues, and has since learned so much about the many applications of the science in food and agriculture and in industrial and environmental biotechnology.

Due to its revolutionary research and development in issues ranging from feeding the world by increasing crop yields to healing the world with new medicines to providing cleaner sources of energy, Jim is a passionate champion for biotechnology. When visiting member companies, he is inspired by executives and scientists who are united in their mission to help patients, farmers and other consumers lead a better life.

Prior to Congress, Jim served in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and Pennsylvania Senate for six years each.  He and his wife Tina live in historic Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania (where he has participated in the re-enactment of George Washington crossing the Delaware River on Christmas Day in 1776). He enjoys fishing, birding and scuba diving.

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Already Looking Ahead to BIO 2010 in Chicago

The whirlwind of the BIO 2009 International Convention has come to a close. For the first time in a week I’m not rushing, racing, talking or being interviewed. I thought the Convention was a huge success and that’s what everyone who offered me their opinions seemed to be saying. Despite the economic recession, we had well over 14,000 attendees. The Business Forum was humming with something like 15,000 one-on-one meetings. For me it started last Read More >

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Podcast: Jim Greenwood Gives State of the Industry Address at BIO 2009 in Atlanta

My fellow biotech industry workers… Jim Greenwood told the 12,000 to 15,000 attendees of the BIO International Convention in Atlanta that, though the past year has been challenging from an economic and policy perspective, he remains optimistic about the future. Download and view the podcast

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From Jim Greenwood: Things are humming in Atlanta

I arrived Thursday to begin the pre-conference media interviews and to speak at some events that precede the convention like the Association of University Research Parks, the Council of State Bioscience Associations and the Biotechnology Institute. The Institute presented its teacher of the Year award and honors the BioGenius students. It’s always inspiring to meet the next generation of biotech researchers. Early this morning I had the honor of doing a live interview on the Read More >

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Jim Greenwood and Andrew Young on Fox Business: The Future of Biotechnology

Jim Greenwood and Andrew Young appear on Fox Business to discuss the future of biotechnology.

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From Jim Greenwood: Heading to Atlanta

With only a few days to go until we cut the ribbon for the 2009 BIO International Convention, our staff is a controlled frenzy – if there is such a thing. It will be a terrific event! Despite the fact that the economy will depress our registration number, the quality will be up to our usual standards and will feature great exhibits from around the world, 170 panel discussions, and Super Sessions on the state of Read More >

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