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Roy is Associate Counsel at BIO and the main contributor for Patently Biotech. He is a lawyer by training, with a background in international and national politics. He grew up in the developing world and believes that innovation can and does solve many of the world’s problems. Because of this, his work focuses on creating a worldwide policy environment that fosters innovation in the biotechnology sector to prevent and cure diseases such as HIV, to increase crop yields to feed more people, and to decrease the harmful effects of industry on the environment. Roy spends his free time keeping up with his three kids, a wife that knows everything (no joke), and serving in his church and broader community. Learn more about Roy from his Linkedin Profile.

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BIO International Convention: Policy Wonks and Science Wizards

Policy wonks and science wizards unite at this year’s big biotech-industry conference in Chicago, where more than 15,000 attendees talk biofuels, health innovation, and superpowered agriculture with former presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton and former vice president Al Gore.

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Collaboration: The Key to Success

PatentlyBIOtech received its highest readership ever during the last two months, thanks to the excellent series of PatentlyBIOtech essays written by the staff at Thrive, the economic development enterprise for the 8-county Madison, Wisconsin Region.

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MIT: Stanford v. Roche “Could Have Adverse Impact on Tech Transfer”

Link to MIT News article (“MIT to file amicus brief in intellectual-property case“): The brief argues that the case threatens to undermine the Bayh-Dole Act, a federal law that has played a central role in America’s system of innovation. Enacted in 1980 as an amendment to the Patent Act, Bayh-Dole expanded and accelerated the transformation of ideas in the lab into the products, jobs and revenues of commercial enterprise.

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Shout-Out: 2010 BIO International Convention Official Bloggers!

Surviving through a vigorous screening process, BIO International Convention bloggers have to be smart, funny, and well-spoken — think of our bloggers as the best final round of a dating reality show. Well, maybe they’re a little better than that.

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World Intellectual Property Day 2010: Countries Talk Policy

On World Intellectual Property Day this year, the World Intellectual Property Organization’s 2010 theme is “Innovation – Linking the World”.

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