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Roy is Associate Counsel at BIO and the main contributor for Patently Biotech. He is a lawyer by training, with a background in international and national politics. He grew up in the developing world and believes that innovation can and does solve many of the world’s problems. Because of this, his work focuses on creating a worldwide policy environment that fosters innovation in the biotechnology sector to prevent and cure diseases such as HIV, to increase crop yields to feed more people, and to decrease the harmful effects of industry on the environment. Roy spends his free time keeping up with his three kids, a wife that knows everything (no joke), and serving in his church and broader community. Learn more about Roy from his Linkedin Profile.

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India Threatens European Union: ‘Don’t Stop Flow of Illegal Drugs’

India’s Commerce Ministry drew attention to the “plight” of producers of infringing copies of vaccines last week, highlighting a need to quell the dangers of swine flu, whose vaccine is in legal hyper-production and distribution as we speak.

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Sharing & Promoting Innovative Technology in Public-Private Global Development Partnerships

This year, CropLife International is assembling a diverse panel with substantial experience to offer their views on innovative solutions to critical global agricultural problems on Tuesday, September 29 (16:30-18:30) in Geneva.

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BIO Urges Supreme Court to Reject Rigid Bilski Rule

In an amicus brief filed today, BIO urged the Supreme Court to overturn the decision of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Bilski v. Doll.

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BIO Marks Passing of Stanford Professor Emeritus John Barton: ‘Far Ahead of his Time’

On August 3, 2009, John H. Barton, George E. Osborne Professor of Law, Emeritus at Stanford Law School, passed away. BIO marks his early passing by remembering his focused personal commitment and intellectual drive to understand, teach, and shape legal science and technology policy. Barton spoke to the IP Counsels Committee at a previous IP Counsels Committee Conference, in 2008. A few of his accomplishments and goals (Stanford):   John Barton devoted his academic career to Read More >

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Innovation Alliance: Patent Holders Weigh In On Patent Reform

Check out this new video on patent reform from the Innovation Alliance.

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