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Tracy serves as the Director of Events Communications and handles all communications for BIO’s events and emerging company policy issues. She loves blogging and podcasting on all things biotech and believes in the great potential of the industry, looking for every opportunity to spread the message far and wide. Nearly everyone in her family is a golfer, and as such, she has what many people have called a “natural” swing. Sometimes she even hits the ball. Tracy just finished her ninth marathon, and has nearly mastered the skill of one-foot-in-front-of-the-other (usually, sometimes the laces get in the way). The joy of her life is her five-year-old daughter Josephine.

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From the Hill to the Street: Examining Policy Issues in Biotech

Without a supportive legislative and regulatory environment, biotech companies cannot raise the funds necessary to get a product to market.  The panelists explored the pressing policy issues which could have a significant impact on the industry, from the creation of a pathway for the approval of follow-on biologics, patent reform, comparative effectiveness and the implementation of the Food and Drug Administration Amendments Act (FDAAA) which was signed into law last year.  The panelists also discussed Read More >

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Elusive Cancer Endpoints: How to Survive the Uncertainty

The debate surrounding cancer endpoints has focused on the issue of quality of life and progression. Panelists shared some of the challenges in assessing quality of life, since it can be a fickle and subjective process. The data can be hard to nail down since patients don’t always fill out the forms. The critical issues include survival rates, improved quality of life and progression of disease. Everything must be taken into consideration to determine endpoints, which is why Read More >

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Diabetes: New Mechanisms, New Opportunities

Panelists in the diabetes panel stressed the importance of the growing prevalence of the disease – it’s expected to more than double by 2030. Those are big numbers, particularly because diabetes is the number one cause of preventable blindness. There is a light on the horizon – several new treatments for both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes: XOMA – two current trials for Type 2 diabetes. XOMA’s drug could be administered once a month Read More >

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Pain “A Pain Free” Guide

The CEO & Investor Conference started out strong with several therapeutic workshops. The Pain “A Pain Free“ Guide to Current Therapies panel shared efforts to develop drugs with greater efficiency and fewer side-effects, including a patch for the site of pain (NeurogesX, Inc.), the use of Morphine products for acute to moderate pain (Javelin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.), and low dosage steroids (CombinatoRX).  Pain is the most common reasons patients seek medical attention and is one of the Read More >

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10 Years and Counting!

There’s a reason why they call it ‘the largest investor conference focused on the biotech industry.’ The next few days will bring out the major players in biotech, from investors to venture capitalists to companies with innovations worthy of writing home about. And the Daily Update is your cheat sheet for getting late-breaking announcements from companies  and highlights from each day’s sessions. Check out this blog when you’re not at the numerous roundtables & workshops, Read More >

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