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We here at BIO prefer to stay away from ranking states. After all, every state is different.

Bioscience economic development in a nation as large and diverse as the United States is as varied as the country itself. A complex array of factors influence the allocation of resources and the nature of bioscience industry development:biotechstrengthempleaders

  • Presence of Universities
  • Talent in the workforce
  • Climate and geography
  • Sufficiency of business capital
  • Historical economic influences

Ultimately, these characteristics combine to impact a local or regional economy and most often determine its success.

That said, it is interesting to take a look at which states are leading this industry. Business Facilities magazine has been doing a good job of this for quite a few years. So without further ado, I give you the 2013 Business Facilities Rankings Report.

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One Response to Top Biotech States Ranked

  1. Jayaes says:

    Hello. I strongly agree with the factors that influence bioscience industry development especially presence of universities. Bioscience graduates can easily apply for their internship and did not need to go far in search of job or for internship. This will be very convenient for them. Thank you.

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