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Anitbody Deals Peaked in 2007

Antibody and antibody-like scaffold molecules have been on the pharma licensing radar for some time. The pharma business development interest in these drug candidates stems largely from the targeted mechanisms of action, structural uniqueness of the molecules, strong IP, and portfolio diversification benefits. To analyze deal trends in this niche area of biotechnology, we screened the Windhover/Elsevier Strategic Transactions Database for “Biotechnology” deals, with “Antibody” or “Large Molecule” identifiers, from 2007-2010. From this initial list, Read More >

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A Partner in Partnering: BIO and the China Healthcare Investment Conference

If you’re attending the China Healthcare Investment Conference this month, you’ll probably notice something familiar. BIO has partnered with the Lychee Group to use the One-on-One Partnering System during their event! The event focuses on the most influential Chinese and global thought leaders to promote the development of the Chinese healthcare market, and all attendees will now be able to send requests, schedule meetings, and connect with one another in private meetings. As with all Read More >

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2011, The Year of Positive Thinking? BIO/IPREO Study Reveals High Hopes for the Industry

BIO CEO’s closing plenary session featured plenty of crystal ball gazing and candid quips about what 2011 has in store for the biotech industry.  While the panel provided an in-depth look at how buy-side and sell-side analysts evaluate the industry, the BIO/IPREO Investor Perception Study reveals that the majority of investors believe biotech is headed in the right direction.  Access full study deck here: BIO CEO – IPREO Biotech Investor Perception Study The study also reveals that Read More >

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Release of BIO/Biomedtracker Drug Approval Rates Study

BIO and BioMedTracker are pleased to present the findings of their joint clinical trial success rates study.  Using clinical trial data from the past seven years, this analysis examines the most recent probability of success by treatment type, phase of development and therapeutic area. The overall success rate for drugs moving through clinical trials to FDA approval from late 2003 to the end of 2010 is near one in 10, not one in five to one Read More >

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Effective Tax Rates for Biotech

The New York Times published a misleading article and companion blog post on corporate tax rates last Thursday, leaving us scratching our heads over the claim that the biotech sector pays a paltry “effective” corporate tax rate of 4.46%, the lowest rate amongst the 20 industries surveyed.  After careful reading of the article and examination of supporting documents, we found that the authors vastly underestimated the industry’s effective tax rate. First, the authors incorrectly average Read More >

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