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Small Biotechs in California Save Big on Health Insurance Rates

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There are many reasons companies decide to join trade associations. Whether it’s a long-term legislative advocacy priority, increased access to networking events or group-savings programs, the decision ultimately comes down to a company’s financial bottom line. BayBio and BIOCOM, two California-based biotech trade groups, both of whom are affiliated with BIO, came together during the low point of the most recent recession, to establish a fund that created a healthcare insurance pool accessible by the Read More >

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The Hill: Innovation-focused tax reform for U.S. global competitiveness

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The Hill Blog published an op-ed by Geoff Davis on ‘Innovation-focused tax reform for U.S. global competitiveness.’ Davis, a former member of the House Ways & Means Committee, which has responsibility for writing our nation’s tax laws,  urges policymakers to support innovative, research-intensive businesses by encouraging private investment as they move towards tax reform. As he states, “If the U.S. is to remain competitive in the global economy, we need to make sure there are policies Read More >

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Forecasted Sales Growth of Top Therapeutic Areas: Anti-Coagulants to Outpace

Although oncology has the largest market share in the therapeutics business, anti-coagulant products are expected to grow at the fastest rate among the top 15 therapeutic categories, according to a new report from EvaluatePharma. Below is a chart of future growth rates based on data from their “World Preview 2013, Outlook to 2018” report. Their data is based on analyst estimates for marketed and pipeline drugs globally. Following the anti-coagulants are oncology and diabetes drugs Read More >

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R&D – Slow Growth Continues

According to a new report from EvaluatePharma, global pharmaceutical R&D had negative growth in 2012 and is expected to only grow at a snail’s pace over the next five years. As seen in the chart below, industry spending on R&D actually started contracting in 2009 and has been on a new, slower trajectory ever since. To create the chart above, we combined numbers in the new report with previous EvaluatePharma reports for 2000-2004. From the start of the 2000s Read More >

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Industry Growth Factor: Biologics


Last week, EvaluatePharma released their updated sales and R&D outlook for the drug industry in their report “World Preview 2013, Outlook to 2018”. Among the 37 pages of data, one central take home message was that growth will return to the sector after a small dip in 2012. Behind this predicted comeback in sales growth is the rise of biologics products that continue to gain a larger percentage of total revenue. Consider the data below taken from Read More >

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