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Biotech Sector Performance Update 1H 2010

In my last update back in April, the broadest Biotech index (the 125 company Nasdaq Biotech Index, NBI) was up 11% for the year and ahead of just about every major sector. One quarter later things look a little different. The NBI is now down 5% and trailing 4 of the 10 S&P sectors (chart 1): However, the spotlight continues to shine on the AMEX Biotech Index (BTK). The BTK is up 8.6% for the Read More >

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2010 BIO Business Forum Partnering Results

2010 BIO Business Forum in Chicago was a huge success last week. We hit record numbers for the three day event making this the single largest partnering event ever held. Our updated 1×1 partnering software system received over 107,000 requests for meetings that resulted in over 17,000 meetings. To put that in perspective, 10 years ago there were only 300 meetings, yielding an explosive 43% CAGR for partnering at the BIO International Convention.  The meetings were set up by some 2,100 Read More >

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Why Is My Meeting Not Scheduled?

As we get closer and closer to the meeting, the question that George hears the most is “Why can’t my agreed to meeting be scheduled?”. We’re here to take you through all the reasons: 1) The most common reason is that there is no mutual availability. As meeting schedules fill up, it is more and more difficult to find time when both parties are free. 2) The meeting includes multiple participants from both companies. Schedule Read More >

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Things Even George Cannot Do

George has been keeping his ear to the customer service line, and I’m sure at some point or another you’ve had the pleasure of talking with him. Most of those conversations have centered around a few repeating topics. So in an effort to set the record straight, George has asked me to provide you with a list of his weaknesses…aka things even he cannot do. 1) Reserve an hour time slot instead of 30 minutes. Read More >

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Records Are Being Set This Year!

It is quite apparent now that the 2010 Business Forum is going to be breaking all BIO records this year. I can only speculate as to where we will end up, but the numbers as of right now (9:30 AM EST on 4/29/2010) are impressive. Total Scheduled Meetings: Old Record 14,500 (2008) Currently 14,900 Project 16,000+ Total Companies: Old Record 1670 (2009) Currently: 2045 Projected: 2100

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