2011: A Pivotal Year for Biotechnology

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Biotechnology continues to hold the greatest promise to address many of the most critical issues facing our world. Continued innovation will lead to breakthrough new and improved cures and treatments for patients living with debilitating diseases such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, diabetes and Parkinson’s; enhanced agricultural products to feed a growing global population while protecting the environmental health of our planet; vaccines to protect against bioterrorism; and revolutionary biofuels. The ability of BIO members to continue our shared mission to heal, fuel, and feed the world depends on having an economic and public policy environment that supports research and development that leads to continued innovation.

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One Response to 2011: A Pivotal Year for Biotechnology

  1. Great article! It is absolutely true that overall progress in the world depends on the existence of economic and public policies that support research and development leading to innovation.


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