Weather, Not Biofuels Contributes to Food Crisis

Biofuels & Climate Change

Could it be, that weather, not biofuels, are responsible for the increase in corn prices?  That is what Tim of Environmental Economics suggests. 

 Citing rains and floods, as being responsible for leaving 4 million acres unplanted (according to the AP),  Tim quotes the AP,

“That would likely lift corn prices further, forcing consumers to pay higher grocery bills for meat and pork, as livestock producers would be forced to pass on higher animal feed costs and thin their herd size.”

This is further evidence to suggest that the solution to the global food crisis is not a one size fits all approach, but rather a complicated science-based solution to a complicated science-based problem.

Science is about gathering data, stopping, thinking, and then gathering data, stopping, and thinking some more etc.  To date, the hysteria surrounding this problem, has not been about science but rather gathering data, then having a knee-jerk reaction, after which there is a lot of running around and panicking.  To solve this problem, we need to get back to the science, gather some more data, then stop, and think carefully.

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2 Responses to Weather, Not Biofuels Contributes to Food Crisis

  1. biofuel says:

    I don’t believe the biofuel revolution will cause a food crisis, instead, it will help remove arab oil dependence.

  2. Michelle says:

    With the unusual weather we have been seeing all over the world lately…I would not be surprised that this is alot of the blame..just not 100%.

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