2008 is a Good Year for Algae

Biofuels & Climate Change

And we’re not just talking about sushi here.  According to Greentech Media 2008 has been a banner year for venture capital financing of algae based biofuel companies.

$179.5 million to date, according to numbers from the Cleantech Group.

That compares with what appears to be about $32 million raised last year, based on a Cleantech Group chart of quarterly totals that doesn’t list the actual numbers

And, elsewhere in the blogosphere algae biofuels are getting attention.

Stay tuned and see what 2009 holds for algae, and in the meantime, enjoy your sushi.

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One Response to 2008 is a Good Year for Algae

  1. Michel says:

    There are other algae biodiesel companies that should be mentioned as potential investments.

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