BIO Official Blogger Roundup

Want to know what’s happening at the 2012 BIO International Convention? Find out from our BIO Official Bloggers!

Early stage bio and tech tax credits – Maryland style, The Cross-Border Biotech Blog

Coca Cola developing bottles using plant-based plastics #bio2012, Biotech Blog

Discounted Journal of Commercial Biotechnology subscriptions through June 30 for #bio2012, Biotech Blog

BIO 2012: FDA Town Hall, The Campaigns for Modern Medicine

Endorser Spotlight: Virginia Biotechnology Association, The Campaigns for Modern Medicine

Metabolomics Technology Tackles Cancer, GenomeAlberta

Indiana Climbing Life Sciences List, LillyPad

Guest Blog: Intellectual Property Standards in Trade Supports Biotech Industry, LillyPad

BIO Takes Stock: How Global Biotechnology Benefits from Intellectual Property Rights, Patent Baristas

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