BIO Official Blogger Roundup

BIO Official Blogger Roundup

Want to know what’s happening at the 2012 BIO International Convention? Find out from our BIO Official Bloggers!

Early stage bio and tech tax credits – Maryland style, The Cross-Border Biotech Blog

Coca Cola developing bottles using plant-based plastics #bio2012, Biotech Blog

Discounted Journal of Commercial Biotechnology subscriptions through June 30 for #bio2012, Biotech Blog

BIO 2012: FDA Town Hall, The Campaigns for Modern Medicine

Endorser Spotlight: Virginia Biotechnology Association, The Campaigns for Modern Medicine

Metabolomics Technology Tackles Cancer, GenomeAlberta

Indiana Climbing Life Sciences List, LillyPad

Guest Blog: Intellectual Property Standards in Trade Supports Biotech Industry, LillyPad

BIO Takes Stock: How Global Biotechnology Benefits from Intellectual Property Rights, Patent Baristas

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