Kansas City Area Summit Brings together CROs

The Kansas City region is home to 200 life science companies employing more than 20,000 people on both sides of the state line. Those kind of numbers put the area on the map as being a significant industry leading hub for drug development, diagnostics, clinical research, and animal health.

Amid this growing biotech industry hub are 90 contract research organization, or CROs as we call them, which provide research services outsourced on a contract basis. This is a rapidly growing sector of our industry that plays an important role in containing the cost of brining medical therapies and devices to the market.

Two of BIO’s state affiliate organizations, the Missouri Biotechnology Association and KansasBio, have partnered with the Kansas City Area Life Sciences Institute to present 2013 BioResearch Central.

The BioResearch Central Summit (November 19-20, 2013) brings together leaders in non-clinical, pre-clinical and clinical research to discuss strategies for advancing clinical research throughout our region and, more importantly, for accelerating the development of innovative new products to improve human and animal health worldwide.

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3 Responses to Kansas City Area Summit Brings together CROs

  1. Angela Kreps says:

    Thanks, George. I’ve been amazed by the success these CROs have had in getting new drugs and devices to market.

    It’s an interesting story as to how this cluster of CROs was formed. Born of the legacy of Marion Laboratories, more than 90 CROs are now located in the Kansas City region. Working together, they formed BioResearch Central, as an effort to let more start-up and emerging R&D companies know about what big pharma has known for decades: “If you want to accelerate the process of getting a new drug to market, get help from the folks in Kansas City.”

    BioResearch Central CROs provide services in discovery, toxicology, bioanalytics, clinical trials, regulatory and commercial support. They are doing work with all of the top 16 global pharmaceutical companies, and have contributed to the development of more than 60 currently marketed pharmaceutical products.

    Any research sponsor seeking targeted and collaborative partnerships that provide consistent quality, efficiency, reliability and the mitigation of risk should consider working with these companies.

    Start-up R&D companies attend for $125 for the two-day event. It includes a tour of the Stowers Institute, possibly the world’s largest biomedical research endowment, thanks to Jim and Virginia Stowers (American Century).

    Hope folks will join us there.

  2. Wayne Carter says:

    The agenda for this Summit is great and features Sally Howard, Deputy Commissioner of the FDA for Policy and Planning, Mary Westrick, VP of Quintiles presenting the risk for overloading Ph 1 trials, Sanjeev Wadhwa, Partner at Ernst & Young discussing bio-banking and outcomes to accelerate clinical trials, and Peggy Fay at Medtronic discussing risk based monitoring.
    There is also an interesting patient recruitment panel that includes experts discussing recruitment from the pulpit and social media.

  3. Tom Krol says:

    Advantage Kansas City! As a drug developer, we have much experience in this area – more than 9,000 people! The local CRO’s can assist big-biopharma as well as virtual biopharmas to innovate and advance new products with the goal of improving patient outcomes. We hope to see you in KC.

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