Administrative Professionals Day

Today is one of the most important office holidays of the year: Administrative Professionals Day. On this day, we take the time to celebrate and thank the hardworking professionals who help keep the trains running on time. Administrative workers handle some of the most important tasks in any office – like booking travel for the BIO International Convention. I know that navigating the Convention is certainly easier with the aid of my Executive Assistant, Kristina, who helps me to manage a busy schedule of informative Program Sessions as well as One-on-One Partnering meetings.

For any bosses out there who may have forgotten this important event, there’s still time to do something nice for your office admin. As much as they might enjoy – and you might benefit from – taking them to the Convention in San Diego this June, has put together a few ideas at a bit lower of a price point. If you have any great ideas, let us know in the comments.

To all the administrative professionals reading this – especially Kristina – I’ll say it one more time: thank you.

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