Liking, Sharing, and Tweeting to Better Health

Making an impact online goes beyond having a Facebook page. Helping to open the 2014 BIO International Convention, Amy O’Conner, Director, Digital Government Affairs with Eli Lilly and Company, joined Chief Marketing Officer at POPVOX, Rachna Choudhry; Twitter’s Head of Healthcare, Jeremy Anderson; and Chief Strategist at Pure Communications, Mike Huckman, to discuss how social media can empower individuals and patient advocates to improve the future of health care. O’Conner writes:

“Part of what makes social media so powerful is the ability for people to share their stories with their networks and with decision makers. As Rachna told the near-capacity conference room, tools like POPVOX “connect real stories from real constituents with members of Congress and regulatory bodies.” Whereas traditional petitions simply allow an individual to sign on to a pre-written statement, POPVOX personalizes and individualizes the petition process and gets those messages to the right influencers. As a result, these voices don’t get filed away as just another “add on” to a form statement. Social media is enabling Democracy 2.0.”

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