BIO Moves Ag-biotech Advocacy into the 21st Century

Farmer Gene

With a record number of proposed state GMO labeling laws in the works, it is critical now more than ever for public officials to hear from supporters of modern agriculture.

BIO has officially launched what is known as This online advocacy tool will more efficiently link supporters of agricultural biotechnology with policymakers and lawmakers in Washington, D.C.

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are a major topic of discussion today. Across our society, media, and the Internet, a growing number of people have shared a wide range of questions and emotions on the topic – ranging from excitement and optimism to skepticism and fear. Congress and the Executive Branch are not immune to the emotional debate over GMOs.

It is essential that public officials in Washington hear why we support modern agriculture, including the use of biotechnology. Plants and animals derived from biotechnology, so-called GMOs, are needed to help feed the world safe, healthful and affordable food in a more environmentally sound and sustainable way. will help to ensure our leaders hear positive messages and stories about agricultural biotechnology.

We ask you to join us in sharing the website with colleagues and key stakeholders, and encourage them to visit, to register their name, and send a message. 


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One Response to BIO Moves Ag-biotech Advocacy into the 21st Century

  1. Fervil says:

    Hey Caitlin, after i read this article of yours, i find it interesting and agreeable as well. If biotechnology seems an efficient way for sustainable agriculture, well i guess it should win the support of the officials in Washington. A lot of way is used nowadays to improve the quality of farming, it also needs an attainment to minimize the following problems. Great article!

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