Hawaii’s Papaya Industry Takes a Devastating Hit from Hurricane Isselle

Farmer Gene

With winds in excess of 60 mph, much of Hawaii experienced significant fallout from Hurricane Isselle.  Most notably, Hawaii’s papaya industry was most impacted by Isselle experiencing shattering commodity losses.

The Hawaii Crop Improvement Association (HCIA) preliminary report shows that:

  • The Papaya Industry has sustained damage to 60% of its production and is the most severely impacted crop;
  • Over the next 24+ months the Industry will lose $56 Million dollars; 
  • Total loss and damage to all agriculture commodities is estimated at $66 Million;
  • 4800+ Acres have suffered damage;
  • More than ½ million trees are damaged and destroyed; and
  • 231 small family farmers have been severely impacted, overnight some of them have lost their entire farms and their livelihood others are scrambling to keep what is left of their crop.

Ag Damage Estimate from Hurricane Isselle

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