GMO Answers Goes International!

Farmer Gene

In July 2013, GMO Answers was launched to do a better job answering consumers’ questions about genetically modified organism (GMOs). Following all of the success of the program in the United States, the Council for Biotechnology Information (CBI) is now making GMO Answers materials and information more accessible around the world.

In partnership with CropLife International, CBI is pleased to announce that portions of the GMO Answers website and select materials are now available through four regional microsites in multiple languages!

Each microsite includes four sections: the top 10 Q&A, Explore, Downloadable Resources and About Us. They are accessible from a drop-down link in the top right corner of and through the links below:

In addition, French and Korean materials are available for download at in the Educational Resources section under International Resources!

We expect to have German materials in the near future as well!

For more information visit

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