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The Halloween Folklore Around Sugar from GM Sugarbeets

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Everyone loves sugar! According to the USDA, global sugar consumption for 2016/17 is forecast at a record 174 million metric tons. In 2015/16, it is predicted that approximately 10.9 million metric tons of sugar will be consumed in the United States alone. With Halloween right around the corner, sugar is certainly on everyone’s mind. According to the National Confectioners Association, the sales of candy are projected to be around $2.6 billion during the 2016 Halloween season. Read More >

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Health Affairs: Burden of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases


Just as flu season gears up, Health Affairs released a new study, “Modeling The Economic Burden Of Adult Vaccine-Preventable Diseases In The United States.” In this study, they explore the financial burden of diseases brought on by adults who avoid the 10 vaccines recommended by the CDC. One of those being the yearly flu shot that save thousands of lives every year. Yet, according to the CDC less than 50 percent of adults opted to Read More >

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BIO Launches New Video Explaining How The Cost of Your Medicine is Really Determined


Today, much of the public debate surrounding the cost of biopharmaceuticals is focused on the list price of an individual drug or treatment regimen. However, the list price is not what a manufacturer generally makes on the drug, and it typically has little to do with what a patient has to pay for his or her medicine. To help put this debate into context, the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) is releasing a new educational video Read More >

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Talking About Mental Illness: A Conversation That Can Save a Life


People living with mental illness and clinical depression often suffer in silence without receiving the care they need. They may feel alone, ashamed, or hopeless, and they may fear that giving voice to these feelings means they will be misunderstood, unfairly judged, or perceived as a burden. Only 25 percent of those with a mental illness feel others are sympathetic to their condition, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Society’s negative stereotypes about mental Read More >

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GMOs Will Only Grow In Impact

GMO soybeans

Our world is facing challenges that can only be met by increasing the pace of innovation. That means we need to farm smarter – using all available technologies in ways that will enable us to value crop productivity and biodiversity equally. Dr. Robert Fraley has written a new column at the GMO Answers site, “GMOs Will Only Grow in Impact.”  He wonders why GMOs and other advanced biotech tools are expected to have an Read More >

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