BIO to Update Members on Patent Reform, Biosimilars, Court Decisions, and Bayh-Dole Reform

Patently BIOtech

BIO will host a webinar briefing May 8, 2009 (12:30 PM – 2:00 PM EDT) especially for its law firm members.

Attendees will receive updates on patent reform, recent court decisions, biosimilars legislation, Bayh-Dole and licensing/Secretary’s Advisory Committee on Health, Genetics & Society (SACGHS) report.  The briefing dovetails off of BIO’s recent IP Counsels Committee Conference this past March (

The briefing will also include an overview of membership benefits. I’m looking forward to hearing suggestions on how BIO can enhance the work of our 1200+ members.

Are you a member of BIO? Invite your staff to attend using the announcement link at entitled “BIO IP Policy Briefing”

If you’re not a member but want more information on these (and other) issues, why don’t you peruse around

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