WSJ: “Patent Office to Get a Boost”

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An article from the Wall Street Journal regarding the Adminstration’s budget proposal for the Patent Office. 


WASHINGTON—The Obama administration’s budget blueprint for fiscal 2012 seeks to boost the speed and quality of services of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, including through the use of temporary surcharges on patent fees.

The Obama administration said the fee surcharge, along with regulatory and legislative reforms, would provide the Patent Office with $2.7 billion in resources in 2012, a 34% increase from 2010 levels.

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One Response to WSJ: “Patent Office to Get a Boost”

  1. Although some complain that the proposed budget is still inadequate, nevertheless it’s progress. I hope President Obama’s proposed budget for the USPTO becomes reality. Until Congress gets the gumption to legislatively prohibit fee diversion, this may be the best thing that could happen for the patent office at this point.

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