Novartis at India Supreme Court: Evergreening Myths and Patent Reality

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Novartis will go before India’s Supreme Court on September 11, 2012 challenging the refusal by the Indian Patent Office to grant a patent on its cancer drug Glivec.  The Indian Patent Office rejected Novartis’ application under a provision in Indian law which is aimed at guarding against so called “patent evergreening.” BIO has written two posts deconstructing the myth of patent evergreening.


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1.  Patent “Ever-Greening”: Novartis Confronts Patent Myth in India

2.  Patent Evergreening in India: Response from the Other Side

While patent evergreening may be a myth, the need for incentives to develop new and better treatments and cures for patients is very real. Patents are a crucial incentive for innovators to conduct clinical trials, meet regulatory requirements, and launch their treatments and cures around the world.

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