Whole Genome Sequencing and Myriad Supreme Court Case: Nothing to See Here

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Bio IT World just published an article stating that the Myriad Supreme Court case will have little to no effect on whole genome sequencing.

“As WGS involves determining the sequence of an individual’s entire genome, there is concern in many quarters that WGS could violate essentially every patent covering an isolated human DNA sequence—of which there are thousands. Indeed, this concern has been raised by scholars, policy analysts and lawyers, including before the Federal Circuit and in the arguments over whether the Supreme Court should hear the case.  

However, a closer look at the technology suggests that rather than violating thousands of gene patents, WGS methods violate few, if any, existing gene patents. Whatever the Supreme Court decides next summer, the widespread adoption of clinical WGS is not particularly threatened by gene patents. “

Professor Nicholson Price concludes “Overall, several important issues may turn on the outcome of the closely-followed Myriad case. But the future of whole-genome sequencing is not one of them.”

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One Response to Whole Genome Sequencing and Myriad Supreme Court Case: Nothing to See Here

  1. This is a great post and such good news! It is good news that even with the Myraid case that the human genome sequencing process will not be effected. Thank you for this great news and post.

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