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New Avalere Study: Drugs Not Major Drivers Of Premium Growth, Dispels Insurance Industry Myth


Today, Avalere Health published a study that further dispels the pervasive myth that prescription drugs are a major driver of increased health insurance premiums. It is, in fact, outpatient spending and professional services that are the largest drivers of insurance premium growth—not prescription drugs, which represent only about 14 percent of premium growth.  Outpatient spending accounts for 29.9 percent of 2017 premium increase justifications. While professional services account for 27.7 percent. This data comes from Read More >

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New Study: 340B Entities Not Using the Program as Intended


A new analysis released by Avalere Health and funded by the Alliance for Integrity and Reform of 340B (AIR 340B) found hospitals participating in the 340B drug pricing program were more likely to acquire independent physician practices than non-340B hospitals. This study looks beyond past research on hospital acquisitions, which largely focused on the higher costs associated with the acquisition of physician practices, to the likelihood of acquisitions among 340B and non-340B entities. This research provides Read More >

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AIR 340B: New Analysis Shows Most 340B Hospitals Provide Little Charity Care


Today, the Alliance for Integrity and Reform of 340B (AIR 340B) released a new report, showing that a substantial portion of hospitals enrolled in the 340B drug discount program provide only the barest amount of charity care, and as such they are not fulfilling Congress’ expectations about the program. Congress created the program in 1992 to help uninsured indigent patients gain better access to prescription medicines. The original intention of the program was to provide Read More >

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