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Pathogens and the Nagoya Protocol of the Convention on Biological Diversity

          Some nations have argued that the recent Nagoya Protocol of the Convention of Biological Diversity (CBD) includes pathogens. The inclusion of pathogens in the Nagoya Protocol could adversely affect the world’s ability to control outbreaks of infectious disease.  The following reasons demonstrate why pathogens are not and should not be included in the Nagoya Protocol. Contrary to the Mission of the CBD: The three main objectives of the CBD are; “The conservation of biological Read More >

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CONVENTION UPDATE: Agricultural Biotechnology – Improving Farmers’ Lives

By Michael J. Phillips At the BIO Internationa Convention, this session featured three farmers from different regions of the world that have had substantial experience with agricultural biotechnology, and they provided testimony as to how the technology has improved their lives. Rosalie Ellasus from the Philippines began farming in 1995 when her husband died leaving her with three small children to raise and educate. The office worker took a gamble and bet all her savings Read More >

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