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In Today’s Economy Consumers’ Are Apt to Pay Attention to Where They Shop

This week when I got my most recent issue of Washington Consumer’s Checkbook,the magazine that provides you with consumer tips, on the cover was a basket of groceries. On closer examination I realized that this was because they had a big story, “Trim the Fat from Your Food Bill: Which Supermarkets Offer the Best Prices and Quality.” As a guy who works for BIO in the agriculture section (and eats groceries) I was fascinated — Read More >

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Will the Press Set the Record Straight?

Last week, Roll Call revealed that the Grocery Manufacturers Association paid for a PR campaign aimed at blaming high food prices on biofuels (call it the ‘vast chicken wing conspiracy’). But since the revelation, there’s been very little effort in the press to set the record straight. The USDA this week held a press conference to tell reporters the true causes of food price increases. And on Tuesday this week, Michael W. Masters, Managing Member Read More >

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