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Organic and Non-GMO Candy… Trick or Treat??


Julie Kelly explains in the Chicago Tribune that organic candy might be a trend, but it might be more of a trick than a treat: Did you know that eating organic jelly beans is a way of life?  Me neither. But apparently it’s a thing. In a video posted recently on the Jelly Belly website, Linda Rowland Brasher, the company’s president and CEO, excitedly discusses its new organic jelly beans: “Organic isn’t just a trend Read More >

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The Halloween Folklore Around Sugar from GM Sugarbeets

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Everyone loves sugar! According to the USDA, global sugar consumption for 2016/17 is forecast at a record 174 million metric tons. In 2015/16, it is predicted that approximately 10.9 million metric tons of sugar will be consumed in the United States alone. With Halloween right around the corner, sugar is certainly on everyone’s mind. According to the National Confectioners Association, the sales of candy are projected to be around $2.6 billion during the 2016 Halloween season. Read More >

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Sugar from GM Sugarbeets is Not the Scariest Thing on Halloween

sugar beets

Every year Americans purchase nearly 600 million pounds of candy for Halloween. Chocolate leads the group with 90 million pounds of it being sold during the prior week. Did you know that sugarbeet sugar accounts for approximately 20 percent of the world’s production of sugar? Sugarcane sugar accounts for the remaining amount. In her TheSweetTruth blog , sugarbeet farmer Laura cites that beet sugar represents 54 percent of domestic sugar production in the U.S. and that America’s sugar Read More >

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Data Also Disproves Food v. Fuel Claims

The Wall Street Journal’s Scott Kilman reported earlier this week on a letter sent by General Mills, the Grocery Manufacturers Association and Kraft Foods to Ag. Sec. Tom Vilsack, asking for reduction of trade tariffs on sugar. From Kilman’s article and the letter, it’s clear that grocery manufacturers are once again trying to distract public attention from their price increases by pointing a finger of blame at biofuels. Last year, you may recall, Roll Call Read More >

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