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BIO CEO Company Snapshot: NuPathe Inc.


The Company Snapshots have returned for our next One-on-One Partnering event, the BIO CEO & Investor Conference, taking place in New York City this February.  The companies that will be profiled in these snapshots will all be presenting at the event, and we hope this provides the opportunity to learn more about them, and catch up on what’s new. For our first Snapshot for the BIO CEO event, we’ve spoken with NuPathe Inc. about their Read More >

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Diversity Summit Reveals Ways Biotech Can Better Integrate Diverse Populations

Chandra Marsono

Dr. Augustus White, III, author of Seeing Patients: Unconscious Bias in Health Care and a pioneer in equitable care delivered the  keynote address at this year’s Diversity Summit at the 2011 BIO International Convention in Washington, D.C. The Summit brought together an esteemed panel of speakers to discuss integrating diverse and underserved populations with the medical, agricultural, and energy research industries.  Panelists included Freda C. Lewis-Hall, M.D., Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer at Read More >

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