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Silk Improves Vaccine Longevity


Who doesn’t love the feel of silk fabric? Dresses, ties, sofa upholstery- you name it, we can’t keep our hands off it. You may have also heard that silk is an excellent surgical material for sutures, bandages, and implants. But did you know that our favorite fiber may not only patch up the world, but heal it as well? Here’s the problem we face: Many vaccines need to be kept cold in order to work Read More >

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Innovate the Four ‘D’s When Pushing Forward Vaccine Development


The vaccine market is surging. From next-generation illness fighters in developed countries to treatment vaccines that combat infectious diseases throughout emerging regions, technological advances in this space and strategies to develop better existing vaccines as well as new products are in high demand. Seasoned vaccine experts speaking at a vaccines panel session at the 2011 BIO International Convention shared with attendees a significant golden rule to follow: In order to ensure success, innovation is required Read More >

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