BIO Patient & Health Advocacy Summit

Fall 2024 - Washington, DC

Thank you for attending this year's Patient & Health Advocacy Summit!

We are thrilled with the success of the 2023 Patient & Health Advocacy Summit. We appreciate you joining us and hope you to see you next year. Thank you for your participation and all that you do for patients. 

The Role of Biotech in Patient Advocacy

Hear from Dr. Ted Love, Chair, BIO Board of Directors on the importance of focus on the patients for the advancement of the biotech sector.

The Importance of a Grassroots Network

Hear from Leah Howard, CEO, National Psoriasis Foundation on the importance of having patients at the table to advocate at the state and federal level. 

john crowley
BIO's Commitment to Patient Advocacy

Hear from John Crowley, Vice Chair, BIO Board of Directors, Chairman & CEO, Amicus Therapeutics on BIO's efforts in the patient advocacy space.

The Role of Medicaid for People with Rare Diseases

Annie Kennedy, Chief of Policy, Advocacy, & Patient Engagement for the Everylife Foundation discusses the hurdles patients face with the current state of Medicaid. 

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