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BIO Sends Letter to President Biden Strongly Opposing Expansion of the WTO TRIPS Waiver

September 26, 2022

We are writing to express our strong opposition to any form of expansion of the WTO TRIPS waiver to COVID-19 therapeutics or diagnostics. Support for an intellectual property (IP) waiver would send U.S.-developed innovative technologies and biomanufacturing jobs overseas and, consequently, weaken the ability for U.S. biotech firms - including the hundreds of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) involved in the development of COVID-19 therapeutics - to compete globally and grow jobs domestically. This would be an outcome clearly inconsistent with the Executive Order on Advancing Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Innovation for a Sustainable, Safe, and Secure American Bioeconomy issued on September 12.

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BIO Letter to President Biden Opposing WTO TRIPS Waiver
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