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Patients Empowered with New “Clinical Trials: The Power of Participation” Website

Information hub provides scientifically backed answers about clinical trials to help patients and their families navigate the process

November 16, 2021
Media Contact
Theresa Brady

The Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) today announced the launch of Clinical Trials: The Power of Participation (CTPoP), a website that addresses how clinical trials work, how to enroll in a clinical trial, and what to expect as a clinical trial participant with sound, science-based information.

“Knowledge is power and our goal for the new website is to serve as a resource for patients and their families to learn about clinical trials with information that’s scientifically sound and easily understood,” said BIO’s President and CEO, Dr. Michelle McMurry-Heath. “All potential trial participants will benefit from the information available in one place, including traditionally underrepresented populations. Having more diverse groups in trials helps address systemic health disparities, ensuring that people are not left out of potentially lifesaving opportunities, and leading to a better understanding of how therapies and/or vaccines will work in more populations.”

The CTPoP website connects patients and their families with the best available scientific resources needed to make sound decisions about clinical trials. It includes information on the importance of diversity in clinical trials, types of clinical trials, where to find a clinical trial for a specific disease, where to go to match volunteers with researchers for their clinical trials, what to expect when enrolled in a clinical trial, and what happens during and at the end. BIO verified the content for accuracy to help allay fears or anxieties surrounding participation and open the door for traditionally underrepresented populations to become more involved, improving outcomes for clinical trials.

Clinical trial diversity is at the heart of the BIOEquality Agenda and its three pillars for change – Promote Health Equity, Invest in the Current and Next Generation of Scientists, and Expand Opportunity for Women and Other Underrepresented Populations. BIO challenges the industry and members to focus on justice through equity, and to invest in a diverse workforce.


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